Fix Bayonets – The Battle for Goose Green

Fix Bayonets – The Battle for Goose Green

Through personal accounts of two distinguished British servicemen, Fix Bayonets depicts an extraordinary record of the last traditional war of the twentieth century. This was fighting as it had been throughout military history, where killing a man often meant running him through with a bayonet or dropping a grenade in his lap. At Goose Green, there was no escaping the realities of warfare. There was no remote combat, only desperate close quarter fighting to the death with an enemy that could be seen and touched.

The famous land Battle of Goose Green was fought in May 1982 by British and Argentine forces during the Falklands War. The main body of the British assault force was composed of the 2nd Battalion, Parachute Regiment (2 Para). Pitted against various units of the Argentinian army and air force over nearly featureless, wind-swept, and boggy terrain, mostly in clear daylight and against entrenched defenders. If that wasn’t difficult enough, 2 Para were also heavily outnumbered, outgunned, and lacked proper fire support.

This documentary follows two veterans on an emotional journey around the Islands. We hear their personal stories about the war they fought, and ask perhaps the most important question of all, was it worth it?

Credit to : Element 18

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