Finally | Swedish Cv90 Combat Vehicle for Ukraine – How Powerful Is Combat Vehicle 90 Hägglunds

Swedish Cv90 Combat Vehicle for Ukraine

Finally | Swedish Cv90 Combat Vehicle for Ukraine – How Powerful Is Combat Vehicle 90 BAE Systems Hägglunds.

Anew tranche of military assistance from Sweden was announced today, January 19th, just a day before the Ukraine Defense Contact Group meeting in the Ramstein format. CV 90 combat vehicles and the long-awaited Archer self-propelled artillery systems.

At the same time, we did not pay much attention to the CV90 combat vehicles yet. The CV 90 chassis has branched into an entire family of combat vehicles, including the standard CV9040 currently used as the IFV of the Swedish Army, the Grkpbv90 self-propelled mortar, and others.

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