Failing against Russia: Can Ukraine Survive the War? | To the point

Failing against Russia: Can Ukraine survive the war? | To the point

Ukraine’s highly anticipated counteroffensive has so far failed to show significant victories. With dire consequences for its troops. A shortage of ammunition and less support from the West have brought the war against Russia to a standstill. Many Ukrainians are dreading the approaching winter because of renewed Russian attacks on critical infrastructure – and they’re also worried about being abandoned by the West altogether. Will the winter bring a war of exhaustion that will further jeopardize Ukrainian integrity and independence?

On To the Point we ask: Failing against Russia: Can Ukraine survive the war?

0:00 Critical moments in the war in Ukraine
3:00 Neither side can achieve a breakthrough
4:00 How long will the war go?
5:10 Russia and Ukraine are approaching a stalemate
8:30 Russia has more soldiers and military capabilities
9:30 Inside Russia, there’s almost no opposition to the war
11:30 Oppression in Russia on the rise; Putin will stay in power
12:30 Sanctions against Russia are not working
15:00 Ukraine needs more weapons – sanctions against Russia must be toughened
18:00 The war in Ukraine is a war against the democracy
19:00 Ukraine urgently needs modern weapons
23:00 Russians barely talk about the war
25:00 Russia believes it can ultimately win this war

Credit to : DW News

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