Economic Warfare Against Russia and the Great Reset

Refusal to negotiate with Putin

The refusal to negotiate with Putin, and accept his demand that reasonable security guarantees be extended to Russia, is what provoked his actions for the demilitarization and denazification of Ukraine. This refusal to engage in serious negotiations, which has been U.S.-NATO policy for at least 15 years, is NOT based on a defense of Ukraine’s sovereignty and freedom, but to provide an excuse for economic warfare against Russia. WHY? The economic annihilation of Russia is an essential precondition for the successful implementation of the Great Reset and Green New Deal, which Russia and China will not accept, as it requires that they surrender their sovereignty to a global central banker’s dictatorship. To resolve this crisis, join us in mobilizing for a convention to establish a new security architecture — sign and circulate this petition:
Credit to : The LaRouche Organization