Drone Attack In Belgorod Gazprom Premises, 460 Russian Troops Killed, “F-16 Not Miracle Weapons”

Drone Attack in Belgorod Gazprom

A drone dropped explosives on the premises of Gazprom, a Russian state-owned energy corporation, in Russia’s Belgorod Oblast. The regional governor claimed that the drone attack damaged an administrative building but did not cause casualties. Meanwhile, Ukraine claims that its forces killed over 460 Russian soldiers in the last 24 hours alone. Former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev has said that the war in Ukraine may continue for decades.

The Deputy head of Russia’s Security Council said the war may go on if the Neo-Nazi government in Kyiv is not eliminated. US’ top military official Gen. Mark Milley has said that Kyiv is capable of liberating all the territories, but not in the near future. He further said that the F-16 jets promised to Ukraine are not “miracle weapons”. White House official John Kirby has said that the US has made it clear to Ukraine that it doesn’t support attacks on Russian soil. Canada has said that it is sending a batch of short-range air-to-air missiles to Ukraine for its fight against Russia. Watch this video to know what’s latest in the Ukraine-Russia war.

Credit CRUX

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