Did Vikings Establish Rus? The Norman Controversy

Did Vikings Establish Rus? The Norman Controversy

The modern countries of Belarus, Ukraine and Russia, all claim descendance from an early medieval polity known as Rus. By 950, Rus was a nation centered around the city of Kiev, ruled by a Slavonic-speaking aristocracy. What happened before 950, and the origins of the Rus state, lay shrouded in mystery.

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Genetic study of the Rurik Dynasty – Vladimir G. Volkov, Andrey N. Seslavin
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On the origin of the name Rurik – A.V. Oleinichenko
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The Varangians – Sverrir Jakobsson
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Viking Rus – Wladyslaw Duczko
Was there a Riurikid Dynasty in Early Rus? – Donald Ostrowski

Vikings, Vikings, Vikings! “eastern” ancestry in the whole Baltic Iron Age

0:00 Introduction
5:07 Meaning of ‘Rus’
12:03 Origin of ‘Rus’
19:56 A Nordic Dynasty?
23:44 Scandinavian colonization
29:41 Scandinavian state involvement
34:21 Conclusion
Credit to : Baltic Empire

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