Death Valley Days (4k)

Great Aircraft Passes

It is commonly used by the United States Air Force and Navy for fighter jet training and is frequented by photographers who, from the canyon rim, are able to photograph jets flying beneath them.

Rainbow Canyon (California)

A week in Star Wars canyon bagged some really great passes including some rare birds.

0:24 F22 RAPTOR (usaf)
0:52 F18 HORNET (us navy)
1:17 F35A LIGHTNING (air frame 01)
1:34 F16 (Vermont vipers – usaf)
1:55 F18 HORNET X2 (us navy)
2:30 T38 TALON (usaf)
2:40 T38 TALON (usaf)
2:50 B200 KING AIR (usaf)
3:15 C27J SPARTAN (Italian Air Force)
3:38 T38 TALON (usaf)
3:54 F18 HORNET (us navy)
4:15 F16 (Vermont vipers – usaf)
5:07 T34C TURBO MENTOR (nasa)
5:17 F15C (California air guard)
5:35 MC 130 HERCULES (usaf)
6:01 F18 HORNET (us navy)
6:23 F15D (nasa)
6:41 F15C X2 (California air guard)

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