Dauntless Dick – Dauntless Rear-Seat Gunner – WWII Veteran Interview

Dauntless Rear-Seat Gunner

“Dauntless Dick and Daring Ose” is a short documentary featuring interviews with U.S. Navy Carrier Air Group 11 Veterans, Richard “Dick” Miralles and Ose Veesey from Scouting Squadron Eleven (VS-11/VB-21). Both gentlemen were discovered after the feature-length documentary “Eleven” had been released in 2016 so a subsequent follow-up was produced showcasing the two of them. Dick and Ose were both Radioman/Gunners in the Douglas SBD Dauntless dive bomber flying land-based missions off Guadalcanal during the fighting in the Solomon Islands and New Georgia operations in World War II.
Filmed on-location in Cameron Park, CA at Vultures Row Aviation and Huntsville, AL at the U.S. Veterans Memorial Museum.
Credit to : George Retelas