Crew of Combat Machine (T-34 Vs Tiger) English Subtitles ( Full Film )

T-34/85 against Тiger

The Crew Of A Combat Machine is a old soviet film about an unusual episode in WWII of a two tank duel – T-34/85 against Тiger.A historical reconstruction of the tank combat was made to reliably demonstrate the features of the tactics of a combat application of tanks, which show virtuoso maneuvering and the use of folds of relief for shelter, these simple tactical rules are relevant even now for the military academies. The music of the Soviets is by a music group “Zodiac”. The Medium Tank T-34/85 was more reliable tank, than the Sherman, that is why T-34/85 had the some real possibilities to win against an Tiger I heavy tank (officially known as Panzerkampfwagen VI Tiger Ausf. H). So the Sherman tank (officially called the Medium Tank, M4, was the most widely deployed tank) could penetrate the upper frontal hull of a Tiger 1 from between about 1,600 and 3,300 feet (500 meters and 1000 meters), while the Tiger could knock out an M4 from the front at about 2,600 feet (800 meters), according to a Tiger crew instruction manual. The Tiger was “one of the most feared weapons unleashed by the Nazis,” capable of destroying an enemy tank from more than 1.2 miles (2 kilometers) away. The formidable tank weighed 50 tons (54 metric tons) and was heavily armored. Yet despite its ferocity, the Tiger wasn’t invincible. Its tracks would freeze up with mud and snow in the winter, which Russian forces used to their advantage in battle. The tanks engines’ were underpowered, making them difficult to drive. The tanks also faced problems because of their large size. So much like the “Tiger fright” that afflicted U.S. and British troops facing the heavy Nazi tanks, the German infantry would flee before the T-34s, and the Germans were so impressed that they considered building their own version (but ultimately settled on the more capable but more expensive Panther tank).

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