Commando – How to Become an Australian Commando ( Video )

How to Become an Australian Commando

Any member of the Australian Defence Force may apply for entry into the Australian Commandos. Applicants may also be accepted via the Special Forces Direct Recruitment Scheme (DRS), where selected and screened civilians undertake an accelerated 80-day infantry training program prior to commencing the Special Forces selection process. If a candidate fails any part of the selection course they will be returned to their unit, or transferred to one of the infantry battalions of the Royal Australian Regiment if they are a DRS candidate. Candidates must complete the Special Forces Screen Test and if successful move onto the six-week Commando Selection and Training Course (CSTC) conducted at the Special Forces Training Centre (SFTC), in Singleton, New South Wales. Further training then is undertaken during Commando Initial Employment Training, also known as the “Reinforcement Cycle”. Upon successful completion of all courses soldiers are posted into one of the Commando Companies where further specialist training occurs. Counter terrorist training is conducted at the Special Forces Training Facility (SFTF) based at Holsworthy Barracks with an indoor range complex, aircraft mock-up, method of entry facility, urban training facility and sniper range.

Commando Initial Employment training (also called the “reinforcement cycle”) commences after successful completion of the Commando Selection Course with candidates having three years to successfully complete the course. This cycle consists of numerous courses including: the Special Forces Weapons Course, Advanced Close Quarter Battle Course, Commando Team Tactics Course, Commando Urban Operations Course, Close Quarter Fighting Course, Commando Demolitions and Breaching Course, Special Forces Basic Parachute Course (including water insertion training), Commando Amphibious Operators Course, Special Forces Military Roping Course, and Combat First Aid or Special Forces Signal Course.

After the successful completion of Commando Initial Employment Training, the Green beret is awarded and reservists will report to the regiment on a frequent basis to maintain their skills. As a qualified Commando there are specialist courses available to complete, including but not limited to: advanced driving, mortars, cold weather / mountaineering, language training and free fall parachuting.


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