Combat Activities In Korea 1951

Combat Activities In Korea

U.S. Army Combat Bulletin #108 Combat Activities In Korea
“Reel 1, Part 1, troops of the 1st Cavalry Division move along muddy Korean road in a pouring rain. C-119s air drop supplies as artillery shells Chinese positions in the hills.
Part 2, jet planes machine gun and rocket North Korean roads and installations.
Reel 2, Part 1, troops and tanks of the 24th Infantry Division move up through mud, deep snow, and dense underbrush. Mortars and recoilless rifles shell Chinese positions and prisoners are rounded up as support units dig in the valley.
Part 2, the 27th Regiment of the 25th Infantry Division crosses the Han River on a hastily constructed bridge and in DUKW’s under cover of tank and mortar fire.
Part 3, a force of tank-borne infantry from the 7th Infantry Division probes into Chinese lines near the 38th parallel and returns to its lines.”