Col. Tony Shaffer: Russia HITS Ukraine With DESTRUCTIVE FORCE


– Dmitry Medvedev, former Russian President, threatens to nuke Washington DC, Berlin, and London if NATO encroaches on pre-1991 Russian territory. Discussion on the sincerity of this threat.
– President Biden seeks to pass a $60 billion bill for Ukraine, prompting talks with House Speaker Mike Johnson and top Republicans. Speculation on potential persuasion tactics and White House pressure on Republicans.
– Vice President Kamala Harris’ remarks at the Munich Security Conference regarding Russia’s losses in Ukraine are analyzed for accuracy and potential exaggeration to garner support for the war effort.
– President Biden’s awareness of Ukraine’s war progress and whether he’s receiving accurate briefings or choosing to overlook assessments discussed.
– Media portrayal of Ukraine-Russia conflict, focusing on the coverage of Ukraine’s losses versus Russia’s losses, and the potential underlying narrative.
– Assessment of the US-Iran conflict, whether it’s escalating or de-escalating, and its implications.
– US Navy’s increased activity in the Red Sea region due to conflicts with the Houthis compared to World War II levels.
Credit to : Stephen Gardner

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