Coast Guard Fights Narco-Subs on Maritime Border

Coast Guard Fights Narco-Subs on Maritime Border

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This is the US Coast Guard daring interception of a narco submarine in the middle of the open ocean a few hundred miles off the coasts of Colombia. In the year 2019 The sub was transporting 17,000 pounds of illegal narcotics through the eastern Pacific on its way north to Mexico and the US. counterterrorism experts have been sounding the alarm for years that these subs could be used to transport more than just party drugs, they could just as easily smuggle firearms, explosives, or weapons of mass destruction.

Written by: Chris Cappy & Diego Aceituno
Edited by: Savvy Studios

You might be surprised to learn maritime smuggling accounts for roughly 80% of the total illicit flow from South America into Mexico prior to entry into the US. The DEA estimates 30% of that is transported by narco submarines. And considering only around 10% are caught, that means over $9 billion dollars worth of illegal narcotics reach US shores from just this method alone. That’s why It’s important we understand the full extent of their capabilities and intent.

A lot of people who first saw this viral video mistakenly thought these troops were NAVY SEALS. In reality this the Coast Guards elite unit called PACTACLET which stands for Pacific Tactical Law Enforcement Team. Based out of San Diego, they specializes in high risk, non-compliant boardings and deploy worldwide as elite 8 to 10 man Law Enforcement Detachments or LEDETs.
Credit to : Task & Purpose

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