Cluster Bombs | Will the US Arm Ukraine against Russia with the Widely Banned Munitions?

Ukraine War

In recent months, Ukraine has urged the US and members of Congress to provide them with cluster munition warheads. Cluster bombs are banned by more than 100 countries but Russia continues to use them to devastating effect inside Ukraine. The request is seen as one of the most controversial the Ukrainians have made for weapons to the US since the war began in February. A CNN report says senior Biden administration officials have been fielding this request for months and have not rejected it outright. US officials have publicly stated that they plan to give the Ukrainians as much support as they need. The US has said that it will provide support to Kyiv to give them an upper hand at the negotiating table with Russia. However, western military equipment is not infinite, and their stockpiles of warheads are dwindling. Will the US provide cluster bombs to Ukraine?

Credit CRUX