Civil War Minutes : Confederate Vol. 1

Confederate Vol. 1

Civil War Minutes: Confederate reveals little know facts and stories about major Confederate players in the Civil War. Viewers will discover why few photographs exist of General Robert E. Lee and get an eyewitness account of J.E.B. Stuart’s death.
Volume I
Though people often remember the generals and commanders from a major war, its outcome also depends largely on the nameless soldiers in the front lines. Illuminating little known history, Civil War Minutes: Confederate Volume I features rarely told stories of both the famous and average Confederate soldiers in the Civil War.
In the film, you will learn about many aspects of the Confederate soldier’s life. See the canteen, knife and sewing kit he carried, the implements of war he used, the musket he fired, the battle flag he waved and his personal story from the letters he wrote to home and the entries made in his diary. Also get an eyewitness view of the battle at Gettysburg through a Confederate After Action Report.
Credit to : Janson Media

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