Chinese Type 094 Jin Class Submarine Had To Surface

Had To Surface

China largest submarine suddenly surfaced among Vietnamese fishing boats in the South China Sea.
According to international submarine warfare analyst H.I. Sutton, the Chinese Type 094 Jin Class submarine suddenly emerged from the deep among a fishing fleet operating off the Paracel Islands in the South China Sea.

As per reports, the photo was taken by a Vietnamese fisherman in September 2019.

Prima-facie it will look like China is trying to intimidate Vietnam with this act but there is more to the story.

Nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarine such as the Jin Class is primarily intended to remain undetected by staying underwater for long periods of time and act as a second strike option against a surprise attack by an enemy nation.

Surfacing means giving up its location and this highly unlikely that it was done purposely.

In this video Defense Updates analyzes the surfacing of Chinese Type 094 Jin Class submarine.
Credit to : Defense Updates