Chinese Fifth Generation Fighter Aircrafts J-20 & J-31 more Advanced than the Russian T-50 PAK FA

Fifth Generation Fighter Aircrafts J-20 & J-31

The Chinese J-20 and the Russian T-50 PAK-FA or Su-57 are equally as good to one another. Both features some areas of stealth and both have near super agility. We can assume the J-31 could have similar stealth characteristics to those of the J-20 or near close to the F-35 give the aircraft design similarity is to those of the F-35.

The J-20 is huge jet. Its small movable fins and canards gives it a great agility however its key role would be to intercept jets and destroy them at long distance. It is not as agile as the Su-57 based on the aerodynamics features as compared to the super agile Su-57.The J-31 is speculated to use stealth coatings instead of “baked in” fiber-mat stealth. China claimed the aircraft to be stealthy against L-band and Ku-band radars, and would be low-observable against a number of multi-spectrum sensors. The engine nozzles are apparently being redesigned to reduce radar and infrared signatures

Credit: Gallery Military

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