China’s Type 055 Destroyer Is the Most Powerful Warship – Here’s Why

The Type 055 Large Destroyer

The growth of the Chinese Navy has led to the Type 055 large destroyer. This modern dreadnought is packed with great firepower for air defence, anti-ship and anti-submarine warfare.

The Type 55 will be deployed along with PLA aircraft carriers as part of Chinese carrier battle groups, providing a command and control centre. Large warships will inevitably be used to “show the flag” around the world.

For the West, the Type 55 represents an intensification of the naval arms race. What seems certain is that the PLAN will be building more of these capital ships.


00:00 – Intro
02:46 – Basic characteristics + Stealth
05:22 – Area Air Defence + Type 346B ‘Dragon Eye’ AESA Radar
09:34 – Anti-surface + Ballistic Missiles
11:50 – Anti-submarine + Future Upgrades
Credit to : Eurasia Naval Insight

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