China’s NEW Giant Infantry Vehicle is a Nightmare

China’s NEW Giant Infantry Vehicle is a Nightmare

To put this into a barney style context that even I can comprehend. Modern infantry fighting vehicles of the past 4 decades usually range from merely 18.7 tons like the Russian made BMP-3, up to a modest 43 tons with the German Puma IFV. However, the VN-20 stands in a weight-class all its own. At 50 tons, the VN-20 is one of, if not the heaviest infantry fighting vehicle in the world.

Video Edited By: Michael Michaelides
Written By: Chris Cappy and Patrick Griffin

I mean just look at this image for scale of a human standing next to the giant towering creature. Us short kings would need a booster seat and a step ladder just to get into it. But what do you really get in return for all that extra lbs. The vehicle has room for 3 crew to work the insane number of weapon systems plus 6 dismounted Chinese infantry soldiers in the rear compartment who are ready to rock. This is when it dawned on me. When looking at its specifications and capabilities the VN-20 we’re looking at shock trooper vehicle. This thing is meant for assault offensive take ground operations meant to punch through stubborn defensive lines.

But this extra armor and weapons creates major trade offs. One of the possible limitations with the heavier standard weight could limit the VN-20 from adding additional armor and weapon packages in the future. Although I’m not sure what extra armor you could possibly hope to toss on there. According to reports allegedly it’s equipped with Level 6 STANAG 4569 rated armor which means it can stop incoming 30mm cannon rounds so the American’s bradley would bounce right off it essentially. Allegedly, allegedly!

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