China Preparing For Taiwan Invasion? Xi Rolls Out New Order, Renews Support For Putin’s Ukraine War


Chinese President Xi Jinping reaffirmed his country’s support for Moscow on issues of sovereignty and security. In a phone call with Russian President Putin, Xi said “all parties should responsibly push for a proper settlement of the Ukraine crisis”. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is changing the post-Cold War status quo, with Asia already feeling the impact. Chinese President Xi Jinping has passed a new directive that will allow Beijing to use the army to suppress protests or use it for “non-war purposes”. The directive has not been published in full but it aims to maintain “national sovereignty and regional stability”. Some experts say that China is using the same method which was used by Russia to invade Ukraine. Analysts say that China may use its new directive to invade Taiwan by calling it something like a “special military operation”. #Taiwan#China#XiJinping#Beijing#Russia#Putin#Ukraine#War

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