Challenger 2 Tank How it Works – with Chobham Armour and Iron Fist

Challenger 2 Tank How it Works – with Chobham Armour and Iron Fist

Time Stamp
0:00 Challenger 2
0:49 British Mark 4
1:07 Specification
1:47 Weight Comparision Abrams leopar2 Merkava T90 t72
2:47 Fume Extractor How it Works
3:05 Commander primary Sight
3:09 Commander’s unity Vision
3:15 Gunners Primary Sight
3:20 Thermal Observation Gunner’s Sight Challenger 2
3:25 Auxiliary Sight
3:31 Enforcer (Remote controlled weapon station)
3:55 Iron Fist APS active protection system
4:50 Explosive Reactive Armour How it Works?
5:40 Challenger 2 tank hit by 14 RPG
6:34 Chobham or Dorchester Armour How it Works
7:02 Commander Section
7:41 Gunners Control panel
7:56 Gunners Day Sight Thermal imagers
8:42 How to Fire Step by Step process
10:13 Tank Round Loading Process Step by Step
10:55 Challenger Blow off panel
11:20 Engine
12:26 Auxiliary Power Unit
12:45 How to Drive Challenger 2 tanks
14:18 Pros and Cons
15:18 Vulnerable to close combat urban areas

This is the Tank that got hit with 14 RPG rockets and an ATG missile .

Yes that’s right and in one incident around 70 RPGs were launched against it and survived.

well it’s all because of this Top Secret Dorchester or Chobham armor built with possibly multiple space layers of steel and plastic.

We will also be looking at the Fire and Control System of this tank! using this Stationary joystick to track and fire with this trigger, hidden just below the controls.

Interestingly this tank requires 3 parts of Ammunition loading process ! to fire this rifle gun and most importantly the basic process of driving this tank! all in the videos ahead, so don’t miss a beat !
Credit to : AiTelly

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