Captured Nazi Film 1939 – 1945

Various Scenes

– Summary: POSTHUMOS AWARDS: CU, Swastika emblem, CUs, display of medals – men at attention.

Sequence: Civilians receiving awards from Herman Goering. Karl Von Rumstedt, Admiral Erich Raeder and Herman Goering. Goering pays homage at dead soldier’s bier. MS, casket placed into mausoleum.

HITLER VISITS WOUNDED VETS IN HOSPITAL: CU, Adolf Hitler arriving; with wounded vets, people cheer as he departs. MS, Hitler with officers in the field. MS, Heinrich Himmler, Joseph P Goebbels, Gen Guderian and others standing and talking in field. Review: Sequence – youthful officer inspecting and addressing company of German soldiers at attention, cut ins soldiers listening.

VOLKSTURM ON PARADE: Sequence: Aged civilian members Of the Home Guard on parade. CU’s brassards with insignia typifying Volksturm.

Parade scenes. U BOAT INSPECTION: Sequence: Aged civilian arriving at dock, touring interior of sub, at periscope (evidently U BOAT INVENTOR). –

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