Canada’s Titanic : The Story of the Empress of Ireland

Canadian liner Empress of Ireland

On a foggy night on May 29, 1914, the Canadian liner Empress of Ireland was struck by a German cargo ship called the SS Storstad. In just 14 minutes, the Empress capsized and sank below the St. Lawrence River, killing more than 1,000 people.
Despite the huge loss of life, the tragedy was quickly overshadowed by the onset of World War I just two months later. Today, we explore what led to the Empress of Ireland sinking that night—and the legacy of an oft-forgotten disaster.
Introduction: 0:00
Early career: 1:25
Collision and sinking: 3:20
Rescue: 8:23
Trial and aftermath: 9:35
Wreck site: 11:05
Credit to : Ship Geek

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