Can Western Heavy Weapons turn the tide in Ukraine?

Ukriane War

German Defense Minister Christine Lambrecht said her country has delivered Mars II multiple rocket launchers and three howitzers to Ukraine. Germany earlier pledged to send the weapons to Kyiv. “We keep our word,” Lambrecht said. Lambrecht’s remarks came a day after the first batch of Gepard self-propelled armored anti-aircraft weapons arrived from Germany to Ukraine. The first shipment had five Gepard tanks. Berlin had pledged 30. Lambrecht said that around 60,000 rounds of ammunition, mainly from the German armed forces, would also be sent to Ukraine. Berlin had initially been opposed to sending weapons to Ukraine. But, after pressure, the government pledged to provide arms from the German army’s stockpiles and the weapons industry. Germany has also been negotiating weapon swaps with other countries in a bid to quickly supply Ukraine with heavy weapons. German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock said on Wednesday that talks with the Czech Republic on a tank swap to support Ukraine are nearing completion. Berlin had already agreed with the Czech government on the delivery of 20 T-72 tanks to Ukraine in exchange for 15 German Leopard 2 tanks, but Baerbock said negotiations on the details were still ongoing.