British Army’s latest SA80: The L85A3, with Firearms expert Jonathan Ferguson

British Army’s latest SA80: The L85A3, with firearms expert Jonathan Ferguson

The SA80 is, no surprise, not a stranger to this series but this week we get to showcase the latest & greatest iteration of it’s hotly-debated legacy: the L85A3.
Jonathan will reveal all in this week’s episode of #WhatisthisWeapon

0:00 Intro
0:15 L85A3
0:50 A Small Flex…
1:20 And a Small Plug.
2:23 Firearm History
3:21 Changes from A2
7:20 A2 Comparison
8:44 Disassembly & Features
11:57 Features Continued
20:11 Weight Difference
20:37 To Conclude…
21:05 Outro

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Credit to : Royal Armouries

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