British Army – Short Film – Infantry – Irish Ranger in the British Army

Irish Ranger, serving in the British Army

I’ve put this short film together to display what it means to be an Irish Ranger, serving in the British Army. Even though we come from an Island our ranks are filled with modern thinking, highly driven Infantry soldiers from all over the land.

The Regiment has hundred’s of years of history and many great soldiers have passed through the ranks. The reason for todays release is to celebrate “Rangers Day”. 1st of July 1992 saw all this past history channelled into one Regiment, The Royal Irish Regiment, made up of two premier Infantry Battalions. 1st being the regular Battalion and the 2nd our reserve Battalion.

This video is a Tribute and a thankyou to all Rangers Past and Present and to all soldiers who are a part of our long history. It is also a display to any future man or women wanting to wear the Caubeen and become part of a team like no other!

Credit to : Ranger Media

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