Blasts Rock Crimea’s Dzhankoi, Ukraine Downs 2 Cruise Missiles In Kyiv, Putin’s Troops Strike Odesa

Ukraine War

Reports claim explosions were heard in the occupied town of Dzhankoi in Crimea on November 16. Some Ukrainian media reports claim Kyiv’s military hit the Russian air base in Dzankoi, 150 km away from Kherson. Ukraine’s air defences reportedly shot down 2 Iranian drones over the Kyiv Sea and 2 cruise missiles in Kyiv. Meanwhile, a top US General said there is a low probability that Ukraine can force Russia to leave all its occupied territories, including Crimea. Ukraine’s President Zelensky said he has “no doubt” that the missile which landed in Poland was fired by Russia. Top Putin propagandist and Russian State TV host, Vladimir Solovyov, has threatened the 7 European countries in the wake of the Poland blast.

Credit CRUX