Black Sheep – WW2 Feature Film

The Story

Set during the dark days of the Second World War, “Black Sheep” chronicles a Waffen-SS troop detachment on anti-partisan duties in occupied Yugoslavia.

Taken from the German and Polish perspectives, this film gives insights into German sentiments felt and experienced during the war and follows how those sentiments manifested themselves when faced with something other than utter compliance from the populace [polish resistance fighters].

Witnessed in tandem alongside German operations and activities, the Partisan perspective allows a “full-circle” view of how the non-uniformed combatants dealt with a foreign entity that was completely deaf to reason or practicality outside of military value. Connoting strong anti-war sentiments in this way, a unique dichotomy is established between these two institutions and their dealings ultimately end up in the loss of the just individuals involved. This film does a service to the struggles and losses experienced by those who were swept up by the tide of war and strife at the behest of the Nazi regime and ultimately serves to showcase the futility in the act that men call “war”.

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