Bakhmut Folds: Russia Takes City + Ukraine’s Struggle Against Toll of Attrition

Update on the conflict in Ukraine for May 22, 2023

– Russian Ministry of Defense claims the Donbass city of Bakhmut/Artyomovsk has been fully taken by Russian forces;

– Western analysts claim the city’s capture will not “turn the tide” of the conflict, ignoring the war of attrition taking place superseding territorial advances;

– The US is sending another weapons package to Ukraine featuring an unspecified amount of ammunition for HIMARS, artillery systems, anti-tank weapons, and both bridging and logistics equipment;

– The US is also incrementally moving in favor of sending Ukraine F-16 fighter jets through third party nations in Europe. The F-16 represents no specific capability Ukraine’s own air force didn’t have before being removed from the battlefield;

– The Western media continues incrementally admitting the limits in military industrial output preventing the US and Europe from providing Ukraine with weapons and ammunition to match or exceed Russia’s military capabilities;
Credit to : The New Atlas

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