AUKUS and the Nuclear Option: the Life and Death of the Attack Class Submarine

A Historic Security Pact called AUKUS

In September 2021 Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States announced a historic security pact. Called AUKUS, this new framework commits the three nations to technologically align their militaries, including pooling their research and development capabilities. As part of this new agreement, the UK and US will aid in the delivery of an Australian nuclear submarine capability. The immediate implication of this announcement is the cancellation of the Royal Australian Navy’s Attack class submarine, including its development partnership with France. The apoplectic reaction in Paris has led to the worst relations between France and Australia since the Vietnam War. But what was the stillborn Attack class submarine in the first place? Why was it cancelled and why are the French so upset by this agreement? Have the Australians breached their legal requirements? What, on earth, happened here?
Credit to : hypohystericalhistory