An Offer Ukraine Refused? Why Wagner Chief Wanted To Give Up Russia’s Bakhmut Positions

Ukraine’s forces withdrew from Bakhmut

In late January, when his fighters were dying by the thousands in Bakhmut, Yevgeny Prigozhin made an extraordinary offer. The Wagner group chief said that if Ukraine’s forces withdrew from Bakhmut, he would give Kyiv information on Russian troop positions. Prigozhin offered to provide location of the Russian positions, which Ukraine could use to attack them. Prigozhin conveyed the proposal to his contacts in Ukraine’s intelligence directorate, with whom he has maintained secret communications. The revelation of this offer was reported by the Washington Post which cited leaked classified US intelligence documents. The leaked document does not make clear which Russian troop positions Prigozhin offered to disclose. Was the Wagner group chief throwing Putin’s military under the bus or was he trying to mislead the Ukrainians? Watch this video to know more.
Credit to : CRUX

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