An exclusive look inside the Fight against the Junta in Myanmar | People & Power Documentary

An exclusive look inside the fight against the junta in Myanmar | People & Power Documentary

Myanmar’s military government is facing its biggest challenge since it seized power in a coup more than two years ago. This is the most decisive moment in 60 years, after a loose alliance of ethnic armed groups with newly formed anti-coup militias cut off key trading routes, seizing towns and dozens of outposts. For the first time, they are moving into areas the military once thought of as strongholds. Opposition forces now control half the country, advances that have never been achieved before.
Following on from our two previous films charting the course of the resistance, we have unique access through our embedded camera team to capture the story at its most critical time, and chart the progress of these idealistic young people as they take on the military – once considered the most powerful army in Southeast Asia.
Credit to : Al Jazeera English

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