Amid Donbas Gains For Putin’s Forces, Why US Isn’t Signing Off On Gray Eagle Drones Sale To Ukraine


The US is planning to sell Ukraine four MQ-1C Grey Eagle drones for its fight against Russia’s invasion. Reports say that Pentagon and the White House are exploring the possibilities of selling the armed drones to Kyiv. The reports come amid urgent request from Kyiv leaders for delivery of advanced weaponry against Russian forces. The Biden administration is tackling with logistical and training issues for sending the armed drones to Kyiv, as per a POLITICO report. Even if the US approves selling of the four drones, experts say Ukrainian troops will not be able to use it for weeks or even months. Pentagon officials have reportedly said that training to operate these drones could take months, depending on what type of drones are sent. #Ukraine#GrayEagle#USDrones#Russia#Putin#Zelensky#War