American Mercenaries Hired by UAE to Kill in Yemen

American mercenaries hired by UAE to kill in Yemen – BBC World Service Documentaries

BBC Arabic has secured the first on-camera interviews with US mercenaries from Spear Operations Group, hired by the UAE for targeted killings in Yemen. These mercenaries openly discussed their deadly operations with the BBC.

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The investigation brought to light alarming evidence that Spear Operations didn’t just carry out targeted killings; they also trained Emirati officers in assassination techniques.

These skills were then used by the Emiratis to target and eliminate Yemeni civilians whom the UAE considered political enemies. Targeted killings in Yemen continue to this day.

0:00 Intro
01:31 American Mercenaries: Killing in Yemen
02:18 Isaac: Hired to kill
04:56 Yemen instability
07:02 Dale: An American Mercenary
09:09 The target: Ansaf mayo
12:03 The reasons for targeting
14:05 The investigator: Baraa Shiban
15:05 UAE’s political enemies
17:05 The assassination ripple effect
18:35 The UAE’s involvement
20:56 The Southern Transitional Council
23:00 Target: Huda Al-Sirari
27:50 Hiring terrorists
32:22 Was the US aware of this issue?
34:45 Confronting a mercenary
37:43 Would Isaac meet his target?
40:14 Huda fighting for justice

Credit to : BBC World Service

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