Air Ordnance for Coin Operations In Republic of Vietnam, 1962

Air Ordnance for Coin Operations In Republic Of Vietnam, 1962

National Archives description “Coverage of aerial weapons used against Viet Cong in Republic of Vietnam, including T-28D, A-1H, B-26B and B-26C aircraft; 20mm and .50 caliber ammo being loaded; LAU/3A rocket pods being loaded with 2.75” FFARs; BLU-11 and M-116 napalm bombs being filled, fuzed and mounted; 100-lb, 250-1b and 500-lb GP bombs stacked in dump area and being loaded onto aircraft; M1-A2 frag cluster and M-81 frag bombs in bomb bay and on wing pylon of B-26B; aerial views of Mekong Delta area and aircraft in flight; and B-26B dropping napalm and strafing (All aircraft have VNAF markings).