Action Sequences from “Kampfgeschwader Lützow” Depicting Heinkel He 111s Attacking British Shipping

Action sequences from “Kampfgeschwader Lützow” depicting Heinkel He 111s attacking British shipping

Kampfgeschwader Lützow was a German propaganda movie filmed in 1940 and released in February 1941. It depicted the exploits of members of the fictional Lützow air combat squadron commanded by Colonel Mithoff during the Polish campaign and subsequent attacks on British shipping.

The story also revolves around Paulsen and Eckhard, two airmen who during the Battle of Poland succeed in liberating a group of German prisoners from Polish captivity and bring them to safety. Among the freed prisoners is Grethe Kubath, a woman with whom the two airmen fall in love, which sparks a rivalry between them.

The pair go on to fight in the Battle of France and eventually take part in raids against England. Intercepted by enemy aircraft while attacking a British merchant convoy, Paulsen is fatally wounded, however he succeeds in bringing his bomber home before succumbing to his injuries. He dies at his controls before being able to receive a letter sent by Grethe telling him that she chose Eckhard as her lover.

2:00 The “British” ship is armed with a Doppellafette C/30 twin 37mm gun mount, this weapon was semi-automatic but each round had to be loaded manually making it less than adequate against WWII aircraft and the Kriegsmarine suffered as a result.

5:09 The “British” aircraft are US-made Curtiss H75-C1 fighters that were captured by Germany after the fall of France. The remainder of the French order was actually diverted to Britain, and the aircraft did see limited RAF service, however this was only in India and Burma.

6:10 The Heinkel He 111 nose gunner frustrated by his limited field of fire improvises a new position for his MG 15. In practice crews did feel that firepower in the frontal arc was lacking and a second machinegun was frequently added as a field modification

Credit to : hw97karbine

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