Ace General : German Luftwaffe General and flying Ace WW2

Famous and influential German Luftwaffe General

Adolf Galland, was a famous and influential German Luftwaffe general and flying ace who served throughout the Second World War in Europe. He flew 705 combat missions in the Defence of the Reich. Known for his skill and bravery in the air and his gentlemanly behavior on the ground he was well liked and respected by both friend and foe. He had many disagreements with Göring, over the strategy and tactics of the Luftwaffe fighter force. But despite that he became the youngest general of the German armed forces and the General of the Fighters in 1941. He was dismissed from his post in 1945 after he advocated for Goring’s replacement which was a dangerous time for Galland. As a way out of his predicament he was given command of a force of Me 262 fighter jets. Galland became one of the pioneers of tactics in the jet age as he and his men flew fighters against the Allied bombing raids. Galland was also known to have recruited to the jet squadron a young pilot called Franz Stigler. The two men become lifelong friends.
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