Abrams P-1 Explorer – Rare Glass Cockpit

Abrams P-1

After serving in World War 1, aviator Ted Abrams became fascinated by aerial photography and all its reaches. However, the current aircraft were not built for this purpose, and he struggled to carry out his passion project with the quality he strived for. Not one to sit on the sidelines, the young entrepreneur took the matter into his own hands and created his own aviation company: the Abrams Aircraft Corporation. He then hired a few experts to support his dream and developed the P-1 Explorer, a unique aircraft specifically designed for aerial survey and mapping. The aircraft was truly a sight to behold. With its wide wingspan, an extensive array of modern cameras, and aluminum-covered fuselage, it also boasted a large curved window in the nose made out of German Plexiglas, giving the pilot complete visibility of the skies as it flew at a top speed of 200 miles per hour. The groundbreaking project was not born out of warfare necessity but out of a hobby from a hardworking man. The challenge now was to attract the attention of the armed forces or at least try to exploit its civilian applications before another global conflict erupted…