A Visit to the USS Silversides WWII Submarine

This video is of my visit, on September 24, 2017, to the USS Silversides museum in Muskegon, Michigan. I tour the famous WWII submarine both inside and out, and also tour the adjacent US Coast Guard Cutter McLane. I conclude the video with a look at the retired Lake Michigan car ferry SS Milwaukee Clipper.


The USS Silversides is the most famous surviving submarine of WWII. She sank more ships (30 Japanese vessels sunk, and 14 more damaged) and took down more tonnage than any other surviving WWII submarine. She rescued two American pilots and laid 16 mines on various patrols. The first appendectomy ever performed on a submarine by a pharmacist mate was performed on the Silversides, and this event was depicted in the movie “Destination Tokyo”, starring Cary Grant. The Silversides was also used to film the 2002 horror movie “Below”.


Credit to : youtuuba

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