A Strange Whale Turned Up in Norway – It Might be a Russian Spy

Whale Turned Up in Norway

On April 24th, 2019, fishermen first spotted a strange white whale near Ingøy, a 6.9-square-mile island in Norway’s far north Finnmark region, situated within the Arctic Circle. The marine mammal swam unusually close to their fishing vessel and – incredibly – appeared friendly and tame.
Upon closer inspection, the fishermen also noticed what looked to be a man-made harness around the whale’s midsection, and it was almost as if the whale wanted them to take it off. Reaching into the water to oblige, the fishermen were startled to find a buckle stamped with the mark “Equipment St Petersburg.” It was a discovery that would set off remarkable speculation and stoke international intrigue. Just where did the whale come from? And was it possible that the creature could be a Russian spy?
Credit to : Dark Docs

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