90 Israeli F-15s and F-16s Annihilate 100 Syrian MiGs

90 Israeli F-15s and F-16s Annihilate 100 Syrian MiGs

In a display of aerial might unseen since the massive dogfights of World War 2, the sky was darkened by the silhouettes of countless Israeli F-15s and F-16s, their path illuminated by E-2 Hawkeye guidance systems. Their destination: the Beqaa Valley in southeastern Lebanon, and their formidable objective was to dismantle the intricate web of Soviet surface-to-air missile batteries that shielded Lebanon from aerial onslaughts.

The stakes were as high as the soaring aircraft. Never in the annals of warfare had a Soviet SAM network been successfully neutralized by attacking aircraft without significant losses. In previous conflicts, Israeli arrogance had met with humiliation when the Syrian SAM systems shredded through their squadrons.

But the winds of change had begun to blow. Equipped with the latest in electronic warfare technology, pioneering military drones, and an intelligence network unparalleled in the Middle East, Israel was poised to rewrite the chronicles of military history.

The invading force soon clashed against more than a hundred Syrian fighters in a swarm of metal and thunder. The echoes of this titanic aerial struggle reverberated across the air. Soon, the desert floor became a grim mosaic of fallen warplanes as the brutal and lopsided confrontation reached its unbelievable climax…
Credit to : Dark Docs

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