1944 German Gun Camera Films FW-190 Vs. B-17s, B-24s – WW2 – Air Raids Over Germany

Gun Camera Film

This silent film footage is from the gun cameras of German fighter planes intercepting Allied aircraft including B-17s in the skies of Europe. The films were shot using recording 16mm cameras in the wings of the aircraft, and used to both verify kills and probables, as well as examine tactics used in combat.
The title card at :19 roughly translates as “Original footage of the defense of the Reich by hunter killer squadrons operating against bomber groups.” Each entry shows the name of the pilot, type of aircraft he was flying, and the target as well as date. For example the title card at :27 indicates that Lt. Gerth of the Assault Group attacked at Boeing F II on April 29, 1944, while flying an FW-190. (The F II is a designation for the B-17). The card at 4:56 indicates Subordinate Officer Maximowitz of the Assault Group attacked a B-24 Liberator on May 8, 1944 while flying an FW-190.
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Credit to : PeriscopeFilm