10 Things You Missed In the War Movie 1917

Things You Missed

Historical War movies aren’t exactly what one would call uncommon. We tend to get at least one per year. What is uncommon though, is getting a film set in World War 1. A lot of movies get released that are set in World War 2, and even quite a few set around Vietnam and the Gulf War. But the first World War, also known as the Great War? Yea we don’t get a ton of those.
So when 1917 was first announced, it caught a lot of people’s attention. And when the film had its extremely limited release near the end of 2019, the few people who did get to see the movie, had next to nothing but fantastic things to say about the film.
And now that the movie has a much wider release, a lot more people have been able to see it, and might have walked away not quite understanding everything, or having missed a few details here or there. Especially considering that general audiences might not be as versed in this historical setting as some others.
Well, fear not dear viewer! As we here at Screen Rant are ready to take a look at a few things that you might not know about 1917.
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