10 Horrible Lies you were Taught about American History

Lies You Were Taught

10. The Emancipation Proclamation Freed The Slaves, And That Was That
9. The United States Entered World War II In Order To Save The Jewish People
8. “In God We Trust” And “One Nation Under God” Were Founding Father Approved
7. General George Armstrong Custer Was A Brave, Intelligent Leader Slaughtered By Natives
6. The Native Americans Have No Right To Complain, As They Sold Us Most Of Their Land
5. The Phrase “Separation Of Church And State” Is Not In The Founding Documents At All
4. The Supreme Court Ruled Whether Or Not Abortion Was Morally Okay
3. The Taliban Had Absolutely Nothing To Do With 9/11 And Neither Did Iraq
2. The Constitution Of The United States And Surrounding Documents Are Sacred
1. George W. Bush Won The 2000 Presidential Election Fair And Square, End Of Story
Credit to : TopTenz

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