Japan wants to turn Senkaku Island into a new Military Base for US Troops

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A drill Japan conducted a few months ago at a remote southwestern island was held under the premise that foreign forces had occupied the Senkaku Islands, which are administered by Japan and claimed by China, according to several government sources. The drill, involving the Self-Defense Forces, Japan Coast Guard, and police, took place at an uninhabited island in Nagasaki Prefecture with land features resembling Uotsuri Island, one of the islets that make up the Senkaku Islands in the East China Sea, the sources said. Following the two-day drill on Tsutara Island in Goto, Nagasaki Prefecture, the government had said the exercise aimed to improve Japan’s response to emergencies in the country’s island areas and was “not intended for a specific island or a country.” The Senkaku Islands are a group of uninhabited islets which China calls Diaoyu.

Relations between Japan and China have been frayed over the islets, with Beijing frequently sending coast guard ships to their vicinity despite Tokyo’s protests.

Credit US Military