Iranian Shahed-136 Kamikaze Drone 100% Accurately Wreak Havoc on Target

ew Iranian Shahed-136 #kamikaze and #SwarmDrone with the latest technology, 100% accurately can strike target, recently appeared in a demonstration. Dubbed “loitering suicide drones”, these can overwhelm air defenses and wreak havoc. Tehran is investing heavily in UAV technology, and this breakthrough is said to have now entered the game, where drones self-destruct in IRGC military drills.

New Shahed-136 launcher has five layers, or racks, of camouflage that mounts to the back of the truck, like give the ability to hide, and swarm drones ready to strike targets. Iranian Shahed-136 progess will significantly increase its defenses in the region. Such a small drone has a long range due to Iran’s technological advances. The Shahed becomes a potentially dangerous weapon, a new threat to the enemy.

Kamikaze swarm drones that showcased by Tehran has seen an increase. Iran has experimented with this before, which Iran’s foes claim poses a serious threat. However, on closer inspection, drones of other powerful nations have even targeted civilians, women and children in several long-standing conflicts.